Turbodrive 282

The Castoldi water jet unit type Turbodrive 282 is a versatile marine drive propulsion system designed and manufactured on the experience ripened on the successful Jet 06 model, installed on thousands units. With the new 5 blades stator, nozzle tail vibration dumper and twin-duct reversing deflector grant improved strength and performance for small and medium size applications such as patrol, S.A.R., commercial and pleasure boats.

Turbodrive 282 casting is made of super tough light weight special alluminium alloy for marine use protected by the most sophisticated anti-corrosion finish possible, being hard anodized up to 60 micron and becoming very durable. The most important parts as impeller, impeller housing liner, shafting ecc are manufactured in high grade stainless steel.

Turbodrive 282 has several features that make this model stand out from other marine propulsion units:

Built in gear box for adapting the power and RPM characteristics of the engine to jet drive Positive clutch for engaging and disengaging the impeller Remote operated movable debris screen rake for protecting and cleaning the jet unit water intake.
All oil lubricated bearings.

Impeller diameter : 282 mm at the inlet

Dry weight : 182 Kg including gearbox, mechanical clutch, water intake, duct, anodes and levers

Built in gearbox : with N. 18 gear wheels-ratio available

Input power : Up to 400 KW (544 HP)