Turbodrive 238

The Turbodrive 238 is a tough, versatile marine propulsion system, and very popular for commercial, military and pleasure applications.
It is equipped with a mechanical clutch and the design of its balanced steering rudders and special reversing bucket means that simple and inexpensive mechanical controls can be used.
Installation is extremely easy because the unit is exterior-mounted with a single hole through the transom.
The waterjet has a minimum inboard space requirement and by means of a simple adjustment to the mounting, boat trim may be varied and optimized.

Impeller diameter : 238 mm at the inlet

Dry weight : 123 Kg including gearbox, mechanical clutch, water intake, duct, anodes and levers

Built in gearbox : with N. 25 gear wheels-ratio available

Input power : Up to 250 KW (340 HP)